Avenue Code Brand Refresh

Avenue Code Brand Refresh

As this San Francisco IT consulting company added more offices and solution offerings, a refresh helped resonate its identity to a global audience.

ActivityIdentity System
ClientAvenue Code
DurationMarch—October 2019

This project was co-led by myself in close collaboration with Avenue Code Director of Creative Services and Head of Design.Avenue Code Marketing & Design Teams, including myself, were responsible for scaling the identity system and develop content for the rollout campaign.


Avenue Code was born in 2008 as a San Francisco-based IT consultancy. Ten years later, the company had seven offices around the globe, 400+ employees, and expanded its services to include Design too. Its outdated brand, however, failed to represent how diverse the company had become over the years, both people and solution-wise.


A brand refresh was the selected strategy to boost the company vitality within its new context while still preserving its spirit. Scalability and cohesiveness were defining factors of a 3-stage process that led to the creation of a new identity system.


Brand guidelines, templates, emails, and office decoration were tied to an internal campaign to roll out the refresh to employees. Key achievements include:

  • 1st global brand campaign

    in the history of the company
  • 9 positive reviews on Glassdoor

    in the first week of the campaign
  • 8 months of lower attrition

    compared to the previous year
  • 2 new Design clients

    acquired in the same year

Solution Process
& Deliverables



Solution Stage 1Understand company history, brand, and values through interviews and secondary research & define goals.



Solution Stage 2Visual exploration to test colors, type, and themes to create a concept.



Solution Stage 3Explore scalability to develop the identity system, plan campaign rollout, and measure results.

A glance at the old Avenue Code brand.

Four different gradients, splat painting, and the Lato typeface helped define the style of the old Avenue Code brand.

How might we refresh Avenue Code brand to become more scalable yet cohesive to the company spirit?

The urban inspiration for Avenue Code name and logo was explored in a mood board, leading to new eight mood colors.

Urban inspiration also helped define our typeface as well. Overpass was selected as the base font family due to its bold edges and inspiration over US highway signage.

Overpass typeface sample in front of a blue background.

Avenue Code solutions and teams were incorporated in the artwork for its first two brand themes, both designed by me.

Identity at Scale

A Sketch library was developed based on our new brand tokens, and a brand guide deck was created to help understanding how the new brand was crafted, and how to properly use it.

From inside out

We wanted to educate the consultants on why branding, design systems, and each one of the values mattered—so we recorded videos to be rolled out weekly as well.

The campaign kicked off with a global opening activity where employees were encouraged to gift each other cards featuring all 8 brand values, with the possibility of sending online cards as well.