Froes is a designer and engineer
with a knack for systematic design.




Pencil drawing featuring model Aline Weber holding a cigar.
Poster inspired by Lana Del Rey's song 'Cherry' with its song title filled with a pink and orange-ish artwork of singer Lana Del Rey in the background.
Poster inspired by Frank Ocean's song 'Sweet Life' with multi-colored popsicles shaping the song title against a black background.
Colored drawing of Kurt Cobain holding a cigar.
Poster inspired by Weyes Blood's song 'Andromeda' with a man falling into a yellow-ish capital 'a' against a sea green background.
Slide created for Postclick with big words 'design and development' in white against a sea green background.
Poster inspired by Madonna's song 'Vogue' with serif lyrics of the song against a digital painting of the singer in light pink and golden tones.
Poster inspired by Robyn's song 'Call Your Girlfriend' with three repeated artworks featuring sans-serif words with the song lyrics in pastel tones.
Slide with big words 'tips to improve your work from home experience' decorated with emojis on a black background.
Photo with a woman holding her hair in a sporty outfit against a white background.
Poster inspired by Lana Del Rey's song 'Get Free' with 3D blue text with the words 'into the blue' decorated with reddish lines against a yellow background.
Poster inspired by Duda Beat's song 'Meu Pisêro' with its lyrics featured in white-colored words overlapping each other against a black background.
Grayscale photo with a woman wearing a fashionable outfit against a plain background.

These are products of freelancing and hobby.

I've always been fond of the idea of navigating multiple creative  disciplines.

Drawing, photo editing, slide decks, and poster design are some paths I've gone through.

More coming soon.



Head of Design Systems at Postclick. Former Design Lead at Avenue Code. Designer and computer engineer with over six years of experience who really (really) enjoys working at the intersection between creativity and analytical thinking.


I take a systematic approach to design: I'm comfortable dealing with design systems, developing in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, crafting typography scales, and finding patterns everywhere — both in design and code.

Picture of Froes holding a white-framed glass